Richard Manders

I am a serial entrepreneur, lifelong learner and student of business. I am dedicated to helping other entrepreneurs realize their vision. 

Some of my experiences include:

  • Co-Founded and managed iAutomation from $0 in sales to become the industry leading company with 180 employees and ~$90M in sales. Profitable from Q3 onward for more than 20 years at 3~5+ times the industry average.
  • Brought in and developed leadership team to run the business, professional investors to fund growth and sold the company at 2X the average return on investment
  • Successfully sold two companies:
    • iAutomation to the leading private equity firm in the middle market (Riverside) and then later to Saw Mill Capital
    • CSI to a rollup consortium
  • Played key role in seven acquisitions and dozens of evaluations (on both buyer and seller side). I have a deep understanding of how to value, qualify for strategic fit, merge, optimize and grow combined enterprises.
  • Since 2007 worked hand in hand with The Riverside Company the leading private equity firm in the middle market, (our major shareholder in iAutomation) and grew the company 8 fold during this time resulting in a 50%IRR to our original investors.
  • Board member at iAutomation from 2007~2017
  • Recruited, interviewed, hired and developed dozens of professionals that are leaders in their/our industry
  • Developed sales strategies, CRM and funnel management systems, marketing and deployment plans that resulted in above-market results everywhere I have worked
  • Developed a large knowledge and contact base through membership and board level participation in EO (Entrepreneurs Organization) over a 15 year period
  • Lifelong learner. Attended hundreds of seminars, read hundreds of books and worked with many thought leaders on Business Management, Sales, Personal Development, Coaching, People skills, negotiation and more
  • Traveled extensively worldwide building market and support channels in the US, Far East and Europe